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Finance and Accounting

AAT - Cash & Treasury Management (CTRM) (AWAATCTRM22)

This subject covers the skills and knowledge that you need in order to be able to identify the movements of cash within the business and make informed decisions on the best course of action to maximize the wealth of the business. It provides a link to the importance of cash management to a business.

Accountants are required to provide management with information that will aid them in making informed executive decisions to control spending, raise finance if and when needed, invest surplus funds and maximize the return on those funds in accordance with risk management. You will learn to be able to identify non-cash items in the financial information provided and eliminate these using techniques that will monitor the flow of cash into and out of the business. This subject will provide you not only with an understanding of the theoretical principles of effective cash management but also with the practical skills needed to identify the various options available and to make informed decisions on the most viable course of action.

Syllabus structure
• Identify and classify different types of cash receipts and payments
• Reconcile profit with movement in cash
• Prepare forecasts
• Calculate non-current assets and cash movements
• Undertake sensitivity analysis on cash budgets and make recommendations to management
• Identify deviations from the cash budget and recommend corrective action within organizational policies
• Explain how government monetary policies affect an organization’s treasury functions
• Discuss the principles of liquidity management
• Evaluate the use of financing options to fund the organization’s cash requirements on the most beneficial terms and conditions
• Evaluate different types of investment and the associated risk, terms, and conditions
• Analyse ways to manage risk when investing to minimize potential exposure to the organization
• Consider the investment of surplus funds according to organizational culture and policy
• Evaluate economic conditions that could affect various financial markets

Main Capabilities
On successful completion of this subject, you will:
1. Use statistical techniques and financial information to prepare forecasts of cash receipts and payments
2. Prepare cash budgets and monitor cash flows within the organisation
3. Evaluate the principles of cash management within the context of regulation and government monetary policies
4. Evaluate ways of raising finance in accordance with organisational requirements
5. Evaluate ways of investing surplus funds within organisational policies

Format: Computer based
Availability: On demand at EIMF Examination Center
Pass: A score of 100 out of 150 will represent a Pass
Length: 150 minutes
Questions: Contains 10 tasks.
Marking: Partially computer / partially human marked
Results: Results will be available in six weeks
Please Note: Official Exam is not provided, It should be purchased separately

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Who is this subject for?
• Small business owners
• Undergraduates and graduates
• Experienced accountants
• Anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in accountancy

• Completion of Foundation Certificate in Accounting and Advanced Diploma in Accounting
• Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and finance or other related studies
• Work experience

Upon the successful completion of the subject of Cash & Treasury Management, you can advance to the next subject of the Professional Diploma in Accounting or if you have already completed other subjects, can apply to the synoptic exam of Professional Diploma in Accounting.

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