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Finance and Accounting

AAT - Professional Synoptic Assessment (Inc. Accoutning Systems & Controls) (PDSY) (AWAATPDSY22)

Accounting Systems & Controls
This subject aims to enable students to demonstrate their understanding of the role of the accounting function in an organisation and the importance of internal controls in minimising the risk of loss. You will undertake an evaluation of an accounting system to identify weaknesses and assess the impact of those weaknesses on the operation of the organisation.

Professional Synoptic Assessment
The synoptic assessment will ask you to apply knowledge and skills gained across the Professional Diploma in Accounting in an integrated way, within a workplace context. Scenarios will change over time to ensure the validity of the assessment.

Syllabus structure
• Discuss the purpose, structure and organisation of the accounting function
• Discuss how internal controls can support the organisation
• Examine ways of preventing and detecting fraud and systemic weaknesses
• Evaluate the underpinning procedures of an accounting system
• Evaluate the risk of fraud arising from weaknesses in the internal control system
• Examine current and planned methods of operating
• Identify changes to the accounting system or parts of the accounting system
• Analyse the implications of changes to the accounting system
• Consider the effects of recommended changes on users of the system
• Justify recommended changes to the accounting system
• Demonstrate how budgeting can improve organisational performance
• Report budgetary information to management in a clear and appropriate format
• Calculate and use standard costing to improve performance
• Use appropriate financial and non-financial performance techniques
• Evaluate a range of cost management techniques
• Demonstrate an understanding of the reporting frameworks
• Interpret financial statements using ratio analysis

Main Capabilities
On successful completion of this subject, you will:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the accounting function within an organisation
2. Evaluate internal control systems
3. Evaluate an organisation’s accounting system and underpinning procedures
4. Analyse recommendations made to improve an organisation’s accounting system
5. Demonstrate an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the accounting function within an organization and examine ways of preventing and detecting fraud and systemic weaknesses.
6. Evaluate budgetary reporting and its effectiveness in controlling and improving organizational performance
7. Analyse an organization’s decision making and control using ratio analysis
8. Analyse the internal controls of an organization and make recommendations

Format: Computer based
Availability: On demand at EIMF Examination Center
Pass: A score of 100 out of 150 will represent a Pass
Length: 180 minutes
Questions: Contains 6 tasks.
Marking: Partially computer / partially human marked
Results: Results will be available in six weeks
Please Note: Official Exam is not provided, It should be purchased separately

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Who is this subject for?
• Small business owners
• Undergraduates and graduates
• Experienced accountants
• Anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in accountancy

• Completion of Foundation Certificate in Accounting and Advanced Diploma in Accounting
• Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and finance or other related studies
• Work experience

Upon the successful completion of the subject of Professional Synoptic Assessment, you can advance to the next subject of the Professional Diploma in Accounting or if you have already completed other subjects, can apply for the certification of Professional Diploma in Accounting.

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