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AGRC Certificate in Corporate Governance (AGRC_CG_2023)

AGRC Certificate in Corporate Governance

The Certificate in Corporate Governance provides participants with a thorough understanding of a topic that has gained increasing significance and attention by corporations, regulators, and researchers. At the same, the Certificate offers guidance as to how corporations can best prepare in creating solid governance structures that will equip them in dealing with modern day corporate challenges and risks.

About the Certificate

Participants will review key definitions of corporate governance and the benefits associated with the implementation of good corporate governance practices. More specifically, participants will look in greater detail at the Board of Directors, covering the duties and responsibilities of Directors, the composition of the Board and the role of key post-holders, the key Board committees and how they are structured, and how Boards’ performance can be evaluated. Additionally, the Certificate places emphasis on how internal control mechanisms need to be designed and underlines how useful the three-lines of defence model may be. The certificate also covers the importance of maintaining strong and productive relations within the Board that are based on trust and allow for effective meetings and interaction to be achieved. Lastly, emphasis is also placed on the modern concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Sustainability and how the Board needs to respond to these trends as they gain increased relevance and importance for the corporate world. The knowledge obtained by undertaking this Certificate is an invaluable asset for professionals that seek to enhance their career prospects in Corporate Governance.

Topics covered

• Introduction to Corporate Governance (definitions, benefits, theoretical approaches)
• The Board of Directors (duties and responsibilities, composition, committee structure, key post-holders, evaluation)
• Intra-Board relations
• Internal Controls Mechanisms and the ‘Three Lines of Defence’ model
• CSR, ESG and Sustainability

Expected Learning Outcomes

• Review of key corporate governance definitions that will allow for an understanding of the of the term and the importance it carries
• Understand how Boards function, how they are structured in terms of Board Committees and how the composition of Boards should be shaped.
• Review the duties and responsibilities of Directors, identify the role of key post-holders, and understand the importance of building relations between Directors that are based on trust.
• Study how internal control mechanisms apply in a corporation and highlight the relevance of the ‘three-lines of defence’
• Understand the modern concepts of CSR, ESG and Sustainability and why the Directors need to incorporate them in the governance of corporations

Target Audience

Individuals who aspire to expand their knowledge in corporate governance, including Directors, Corporate Secretaries, Senior Management and other officials who need to acquire a thorough understanding of governance.

No previous knowledge or experience is required although it is assumed that participants have good knowledge of English and a sound education background.

Certificate Format

o Register at any time for this online, open certificate.
o Study on your own time and at your own pace. You have up to 6 months to complete the certificate.
o Assessed by an online multiple-choice exam.

Exam Format

o Type: Multiple choice, closed book, online exam
o Duration: One (1) hour
o Pass mark: 70%
o Number of questions: 40
o Attempts: Two (2) attempts to pass the exam

What’s Included

o 15-to-20 hours of self-paced online interactive learning including analysis of four practical case studies
o One year of free AGRC membership
o Practice questions
o Online exam
o AGRC certificate
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  • Part 1 Introduction to Corporate Governance
  • Part 2 Board of Directors
  • Part 3 Internal Control Mechanisms
  • Part 4 Intra-Board Relations
  • Part 5 CSR, ESG and Sustainability
  • AGRC Certificate in Corporate Governance Mock Exam
  • How to registered for your AGRC Exam.pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever